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The European Parliament isn’t alone in working on issues that you care about. Organisations all over Europe play an important role in making sure citizens' voices are heard and their views defended. Do you want to know more about what they do? Would you like to get involved with an organisation, attend one of their events, or join forces for a campaign? Discover all of them here”.

Transnational organisations

  • Surfrider Foundation Europe © Surfrider Foundation Europe

    Surfrider Foundation Europe

    Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to protect and showcase the importance of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves, and coastlines. It currently has over 18,000 members and is active across 12 countries through its volunteer-run branches. For more than 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been taking action as a recognized authority in three areas of expertise: marine litter, water quality and public health, coastal management and climate change.

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    Blue Up 2024!

    This campaign is all about strengthening and consolidating European policies for the protection of the Ocean. It aims at offering EU citizens and civil society organisations who care and act for the Ocean the possibility to express their views on Ocean protection before we will reach out to political parties and candidates running for the 2024 EU elections. We want to put ocean protection at the centre of the European agenda ahead of the next elections and during the next EU mandate.

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